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Internship, Externship & Residency

Internship, externship, or residency; which one are you ready for? Find out what programs are available at various hospitals and medical centers. Search by location to see what is available and get important details such as application deadlines, contact information and program details. Check out what's available in your area or consider relocating. Some facilities are even offering relocation packages.

A nursing "Internship" usually translates to working part-time at a medical facility while you are currently enrolled in nursing school. It may or may not have a partnership with your school. Some programs will specify a minimum number of semesters completed, or other requirements, before applying to the program.

An "Externship" usually means "outside of school." An externship may take place during summer break, after graduation, or while you attend school, without a partnership with your school. "Internship" and "Externship" are sometimes used interchangeably.

You can earn while you learn and you may have on the job classroom and additional training as part of the programs.

"Residency" programs are entered only after graduation from a nursing program and tend to be a more formal or structured type of new nurse orientation. It often includes time spent in specialty units as a well rounded experience.

One important factor to keep in mind is application deadlines. This is important for Residency programs as well as Externships. Board candidates are often given the advice, "Concentrate on studying for the NCLEX and leave the job search until after your exam." Of course it's important to focus NCLEX preparation however, residency programs are limited, some start shortly after graduation and may include exam preparation as part of the program.

The differences between Intern/Externships and Residency programs can, and do, vary greatly between institutions. Start looking into opportunities during semester breaks well before graduation. Find a setting that works best for you and will help move you towards your career goals. Contact the nurse recruiter, introduce yourself and let them know your interested The nurse recruiter will be happy to give you advice and tell you what they look for in a candidate.

We're busy gathering specifics on all the programs including application deadlines and contact information. We want you to make informed choices and apply to the facility that's best for you. Sign up for our newsletter and we'll keep you informed when new program information is added.



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