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Clinical Reflections

Clinical experiences are an invaluable part of nursing education and many lessons are learned with every rotation. Instructors and textbooks can help you prepare however, when an unexpected or unfamiliar situation arises, you must rely on your nursing knowledge and act appropriately. To help prepared you for those unexpected moments we bring you "Clinical Reflections". Here students tell you about their past clinical experiences, what they were thinking, what happened, and what they learned.

Summer as a Home Health Aid
Fiber. . .is a Medication?

My Up-Beat Patient
ICU/CCU Experience
Only Asthma
D/C IV. . . what's the big deal?

Magnesium Tox Cases
Breastfeeding and the New Parents

Mental Health
Getting Personal

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As a student nurse. . .
Sooo, You're Observing in the Operating Room


Share Your Story

Share a reflective story and help educate fellow students. Please be specific. If possible give the reader a first-hand account of the situation as it unfolds including your thoughts.

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