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Liability Insurance


Liability insurance is a requirement for nursing school. Your school may have a group by your school or they may require you to get an individual policy.

Why does a student nurse need malpractice insurance?

Changes in health care delivery and nursing practice has resulted in the increased acuity of patients seen by student nurses. In today's world of managed care, cost-cutting and high staff demands, mistakes can easily happen. You will have patient contact during your training and you will be providing care.

When an "unfortunate incident" occurs and a patient sues, their lawyer can name anyone who cared for that patient including you, the nursing student. Even though you may not have been directly involved, you may need to hire costly legal counsel to represent you. If you are named in a malpractice lawsuit, even a suit with frivolous or unfounded charges, most policies will provide an attorney to represent you individually, as well as if needed.

Are you counting solely on your school's malpractice coverage?
Assuming you're fully covered could be costly. Find out the facts before you need the coverage. If you don't get clear, straightforward answers to these all-important questions, it's time you had your own individual policy.

Do I have enough coverage?
Today's astronomical malpractice awards can quickly exceed coverage limits. If you are named in a malpractice lawsuit and your legal costs and settlement or judgment exceeds your employer limits, you may need to make up the difference.

Is my coverage shared with others?
If you're covered by a school's policy, your liability limits may be shared by other defendants. Shared limits decrease your individual protection and increase your personal financial liability. Even worse, in some states you could be found liable for the financial responsibility of others.

Are my expenses covered?
If you're a defendant in a lawsuit, you'll face many unexpected expenses. If your insurance only covers liability settlements, defending yourself could cost thousands of dollars in lost wages and out-of-pocket expenses - even if you win. A personal coverage can help with those expenses.










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