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NCLEX Review Options

Before you take the NCLEX, like most students you'll sign up for a review course. Today there are so many to choose from. Which one should you take? Think about your learning style and choose the course that is right for you.

*Note-Many Medical Centers are now including NCLEX review as part of their Nurse Residency programs. Find out what your future employer is offering before purchasing a review course.

•3-10 Day Seminars
•Online Review
•Home Study
•Review Centers

3-10 Day Seminars
These are usually taught by Nurses who travel around the country giving lectures on NCLEX review. The seminars are held in school lecture halls or hotel conference rooms and run all day, breaking for lunch.
Pros: It can be a great way to spend some last minute quality time with your classmates before you all go your separate ways after graduation. It's also a good format for auditory learners and you're able to ask questions face to face, to a live person.
Lectures are all day. There's usually little, if any, audience participation and the days can be long and tiresome.
Cost: $280 and up (depending on extra features)
More Info:

-- Sylvia Rayfield NCLEX-RNŽ
--Drexel University live
--California School of Health Services
--Review for Nurses Live
--Hurst Review
--Excell Nursing Review
--Martin Review

Online Review
You purchase access to the courses for 3 weeks to 6 months. Some basic courses are less costly and include review materials and practice tests. Bigger review services include "test-taking strategies" and online encyclopedia access and engaging tutorials.
Pros: These type of review courses are convenient. You can study anywhere you have online access. You can study at any time of day or night. They include practice questions and most include exams that can determine your strengths and weaknesses. You have lots of reading and some courses include interactive tutorials which are great for visual or hands-on learners.
Cons: You need to have self discipline to set aside time each day to study.
Do you like the idea of the online courses but, do not have reliable web access? Many of the online courses are sold as software packages.
Cost: $50-$600 (Depending length of access and any "extras" the courses includes)
More Info:
--Thomson Delmar Learning's NCLEX-RN OnLine Review
--NCSBN Learning Extension
--Drexal University Online Course

--Hurst Riview

Portable Study
You can get something as simple as a review book at your local book store, download a review to your ipod, or you can buy DVD's that feature hospital scenarios and procedure demonstrations. Home Exam review kits are available and vary in their contents so you have a variety of choices.
Pros: Auditory learners can enjoy taped lectures at home, in the car and as you're exercising. This is a great option for those who don't care to sit in front of a computer, or a lecture hall for hours. Using different studying formats can help you stay interested and you may study more often. Once you pass your exam you can sell your materials.
Cons: As with online courses you must have the self discipline to do the studying and it may be isolating if you don't have a study group.
Cost: $30-$400 (Review books start around $30)
More Info:
--ATI Testing
--Review for Nurses
--Sylvia Rayfield & Assoc.

Review Centers
Test preparation is their specialty and they teach in classrooms like traditional students are used to. The classes tend to be shorter then the all day seminars.
Pros: You always have a place to go without distractions. Most centers have a variety of study materials and a room to use when you are not in class. The classes meet at a set time which forces you on a studying schedule. Instructors are with you to answer your questions.
Cons: Review centers are more expensive then your other options. You may be driving a while to reach one of the centers depending on where you live.
Cost: $429-$499
More Info:



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