November 19, 2007 Vol 2, Issue 1
Dear Nusing Student: 
lung imageAs always here at SNJourney we're here to help nursing students.  Today we have an idea for a leadership or community project with high school students. Maybe you've done a similar project in the past and have some advise to share with the SN community.  Send in your ideas and comments and you may find yourself in one of our upcoming newsletters.
Nurse Camp
  The Mayo Clinic Hospital has a week long camp program for high school students where they walk away with a true knowledge of what nursing is all about.  How would you like to hold your own version of Nurse Camp?  You could put up posters at local High Schools and invite them to tour your nursing lab and introduce them to Charlie and Joe (or whatever you named your SIMs.) Show them how to take a blood pressure. Talk to them about why you chose nursing and about your experience in clinicals.  Answer their questions and have an instructor there to help answer any questions about after graduation. It's a great way to promote nursing and you just might have a lot of fun in the process.  Find out more...
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Nurse Camp
Practice Question
Spotlight on Childrens Hospital Los Angeles RN Residency in Pediatrics
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Practice Question
 hint buttonYou are caring for Mr. Ritcie who is 72. The MD tells you she suspects atelectasis. The patient's BP is 140/88, pulse 98, respirations 28. As you assess him you would expect to find:
Spotlight on Childrens Hospital Los Angeles RN Residency in Pediatrics
 picture of boyChildrens Hospital Los Angeles RN Residency Program is an innovative 22-week new graduate program. The RN Residency is not an "orientation" but a unique and comprehensive, evidence-based transition program that prepares the newly graduated nurse to be safe, competent and confident nursing professionals in the highly complex and fast-paced acute care environment. To learn more about the RN Residency Program check out the video, "It's about the Caring."
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