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Online Courses
Online Courses

Are you looking to get a "gen-ed" course out of the way or would you like to get your entire nursing degree online? See your options below.

Individual Classes
• RN Nursing Degree
• LPN to RN (Bridge)
• BSN, MS & PhD

Individual Classes

If you are starting into a BSN nursing program right out of high school you've got a heavy course load to fit into 4 years. Taking a course online is convenient. Getting a general education subject out of the way during a school break will lighten up your semesters. Get advice from other students on good courses and professors by posting on the bulletin boards.

Before you sign up for an online course, be sure to check with your advisor to insure the credits and courses are acceptable for your program and transferable to your school.

Online RN Degree

Excelsior College offers programs where you take your classes online and go to their regional testing sites to be tested on your knowledge and skills. Candidates for the associate program include students who have completed at least 50% of the clinical nursing courses in a registered nursing program. Certain medical professionals, including paramedics and respiratory technicians, are also eligible to apply.[more]

Students say they enjoy the "study from home" and "go at your own pace" curriculum. It is an especially nice option for non-traditional students with children, or for those who do not have a nursing school in their area. You can begin your program at any time.

Excelsior reports a NCLEX pass rate higher then the national average. One graduate stated, "After taking all the Excelsior exams the NCLEX was a piece of cake." The students offer support and pass around study guides, discuss their trips to the regional testing sites via email groups.

At this time, California does not hire Excelsior graduates. Updates of policies and requirements are ongoing and vary at each State Board Of Nursing. Before you decide on Excelsior, contact the State Board of Nursing where you plan to practice to check on their requirements for licensure.


LPN to RN (Bridge)

Do you have a nursing license or, will soon have a nursing licence and would like to further your education? Below are links to a variety of online nursing programs.

Associate in Applied Science from Kirtland Community College, Kalamazoo Valley Community College and
Monroe County Community College. You must be a Michigan resident or a resident of northwestern Ohio. [more]

Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN)
Deaconess College of Nursing [more]

Associate Degree Nursing Programs-Associate in Science (AS) or the Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
Excelsior College [more]


There are many online programs available at various collages and Universities. University of Phoenix Online, Kaplan University, and Excelsior College offer advanced degrees and are pioneers of nursing distance learning.






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