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Loan Forgiveness & Work Repayment


Loan Forgiveness & Work Repayment programs are similar as they pay off partial or total outstanding balances on your student loans once you become a nurse. Loan forgiveness is commonly given to nurses who enter into volunteer type services such as, the National Heath Services Corps, Peace Corps, Americorps, and Volunteers in Service to America. Local and Federal government Loan forgiveness programs are available to nurses who work in areas of critical shortage. Some forgiveness programs take effect immediately while other require you to work in a specific area for a year or more before applying for the program. Check with your state to see if a loan forgiveness program is available as new programs are created in response to the nursing shortage.

Work Repayment programs are different from Forgiveness programs as you accept the loan payoff in exchange for agreeing to work for that institution for an agreed upon amount of time.

As new programs become available we will add them here keep you updated in our newsletter.

State program links:

Programs are state funded and generally administered by individual school's financial aid office.

Delaware Nursing Incentive Program
Florida Nursing Student Loan Forgiveness Program
Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship
Maryland State Nursing Scholarship and Living Expenses Grant
Mississippi Nursing Education Loan/Scholarship (NELS)
North Carolina Nurse Education Scholarship-Loan Program
The Michigan Nursing Scholarship
Native Hawaiian Health Scholarship Program
Indiana Nursing Scholarship Fund
Texas Professional Nursing Scholarships (PNRS)


Federal programs:

Federal Loan Repayment Program




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