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Tuition Reimbursement or TAP (Tuition Assistance Programs.) are usually administered through your workplace's human resources department and are part of an employees benefits package. Programs vary greatly in the amount they pay, when they pay, types of programs they pay for and how they are administered. Before you sign up for your first course understand the guidelines and restrictions of your workplace's program. An example of this has to do with grades. Companies might require that the student maintain a certain grade point average (GPA) to receive program benefits. You may also need to make the initial payment for the program upon enrollment, and be reimbursed by the employer later (quarterly or by the semester.)

Participation in the plan could additionally include the requirement that employees remain with the company a certain length of time after they complete the degree. If not, tuition benefits may need to be repaid. The employer may require that the program is finished within a certain a period of time. Students should ensure that the employers time frame coincides with that of their chosen university or school.

Below is an example of a typical tuition reimbursement program requirements:


Reimbursement requests are accepted within 3 months after the completion of each semester/term. Reimbursements are based on funds available. Reimbursement cannot exceed the total sum of expenses for tuition, books and fees. Processing can take up to four weeks, following receipt of documents.

You must submit the following documentation for each semester/term that you are requesting:

1. Completed Reimbursement Request Form

2. Grade Report for the semester/term with successful completion of classes (Grade C, Credit/CR or better)
* Copy of Grade Report with name of college indicated; or
* Recent school transcript with semester grade.
Classes with grades of D, F, or Incomplete will not be reimbursed.

3. Proof of Payment of Tuition
Copy of printout or receipt with the college name, indicating:
* Bookstore receipts
* Receipts of parking fees, registration fees, and other fees.
All receipts must be clearly legible.

Clearly, there will be a process involved and you need to find out what the process is and follow it exactly or you may be denied your reimbursement. However, it can be very straightforward, and can definitely be worth a little extra planning to help fund your tuition.



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